Performance Yoga Training is a mobile yoga service that brings yoga classes to you and your employee’s at your workplace.

Our Mission

 Since 2010 PYT has been teaching yoga classes in workplaces, athletic workout rooms, sports fields, high school athletic departments in the greater Seattle area.

We have been leaders in the field of “ yoga for athletes” that most Teams from High School to
Pro’s now find invaluable as a tool for player health and career longevity. Through strength and
flexibility excercises, Yoga has been proven to help muscles recover more quickly, aid in injury
prevention and mental focus, optimizing player performance on/off the field.

PYT specializes in Corporate Wellness programs and tailors each 55 minute class to client
needs. Our goal is to create a cure for “corporate chronic pain” - pinched neck, drooping
shoulders,aching back and mental stress through Yoga conditioning. Relaxation and mental
sharpness is a goal for all our Corporate clients, and Performance Yoga Training delivers !

We use “easy to learn” yoga postures and breathing techniques in every class proven to lower
stress hormones and promote overall balance and feelings of well being. Take the lunchtime “
arrrrgh’s” and turn them into “ ahhhhh’s” with yoga classes with PYT.